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Technical Tips and Tricks


This section contains are some tips and tricks we've discovered that may help you out of a bind.

Use these at your own risk.

Eclipse/Sysdeo/Tomcat Breakpoints not shown in source view

Sometimes while using Eclipse with the Sysdeo Tomcat plugin, we have found that breakpoints are not highlighted (and synchronized) with the source code when stopped at during debugging a web application.

Assuming the proper setup of the above components, and using automatically computed source path, it appears that _sometimes_ (even after it may have been working ok, then you do something like "close all perspectives") the project needs to be set as a "Tomcat" project for the breakpoint/source code correspondence to work properly - regardless of whether what you're working on is strictly a "Tomcat" project or not (for example, you might be using Spindle and have a Tapestry project nature.

After getting everything set up and working (Tomcat, Eclipse and Sysdeo):

  • Open the project within Eclipse
  • Select and left click the project in the Navigator or Package Explorer
  • Select Properties from the context menu
  • Select theTomcat tree element on left hand tree
  • Under the General tab, check the Is a Tomcat Project checkbox

You might also want to make sure that under Window->Preferences->Tomcat->Source Path that you have set the source path to be automatically computed.

F.E.A.R. "No Sound" Problem Solved

The following tip solved general wackiness with the PC game F.E.A.R. The problems manifested as:

  • No sound at all in the game, but sound on the "Monolith" trailer
  • Starting "movie" portions of the game are truncated
  • Can't get past first game scene, as when the game starts you're dumped (a bit unceremoniously) from a car into a dumpster, and can't get out to start the action!

We found that all of these are related to the sound codec. F.E.A.R. seems to be a little picky when it comes to sound codec order. First start with the official resource.

Those instructions didn't help us; we got hints on what to do from various forums that advised "disabling" various audio codecs. Reluctantly (we have lots of codecs installed!) we tried doing this - still no luck.

Instead of disabling various codecs (that would invariably break other programs), we found that merely setting the proper codec to priority "1" fixes the problem.

Windoz 2000 Technical Details

Test machine details:

  • Windows 2000 SP 4
  • EVGA|7800GT CO 256-P2-N517-AX
  • Athlon 4400+ X2
  • As of 1/9/2006 all latest NVidia drivers installed for both motherboard and graphics card

Step-by-step procedure:

  • Double click Control Panel->Sounds and Multimedia
  • Select the Hardware tab
  • Select Audio Codecs from the list in the display box (you may have to scroll to find it)
  • Click the Properties button
  • Select the Properties tab
  • From the list of Audio Compression Codecs, select Windows Media Audio
  • Click the Properties button
  • Make sure the radio select box "Use this audio codec" is selected
  • On "Change priority from x to ..." drop down, choose "1" (first priority)
  • Select OK buttons all the way to closing Sounds and Multimedia

If you can't locate the Windows Media Audio in the list of compression codecs, you need to first start with the official resource.

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